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For family mediation in West Perth, WA, come to Family Dispute Resolution WA. Family Dispute Resolution WA specialises in family law mediation services. We aim to provide professional, affordable and flexible mediation services to help couples work out their parenting arrangements and property settlement. We have 10 years' experience working with family law matters and provide a full range of services, including parenting plans, mediation agreements and section 60i certificates.

Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators
Mediation Institute
Family Law Practitioners' Association

Our Services


Parenting Disputes

To help parents work out the arrangements for their children following separation.

Property Settlement

To help couples who have separated agree on how to divide up their assets and liabilities.

Mediation Style Conference

For complex matters requiring the assistance of lawyers who represent each party.

Parenting Plans

A written agreement between parents which sets out the parenting arrangements for the children.

Mediation Agreements

To record all matters agreed upon during the mediation, which can be used to obtain Consent Orders

Section 60i Certificate

A formal certificate issued to confirm attendance or non-attendance at mediation.


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