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Helping care for the legals and cater to the human

It's divorce support but not as you know it

Family law mediator and divorce coach

Lawyer by trade but human by nature, at FDR WA we're here to offer an all inclusive effective and empowering approach to navigating divorce and separation.

Optimistic and realistic, impartial and professional, our goal is to help you resolve your issues and reach the best possible outcome without the taxing battle of Family Court.

We recognise that so much of what happens when you separate isn't legal, it's emotional. When you're in the throws of those emotions, decision paralysis and overwhelm can be real. This is why we take a flexible and holistic approach across all we do. We'll meet you where you're at (lost keys and all), cover everything you need to know (even the things you haven't thought of) and break it all down into bit-sized pieces that you can work with.

When all is said and agreed, we can be there to guide you through the plan, supporting you to rebuild your life and rediscover yourself.




Mediation to help you agree on a parenting arrangement where the needs of your children are always the primary focus. We also offer Child Inclusive mediation to centre the children's needs and views where appropriate.



Mediation to help you negotiate and finalise the division of your assets and liabilities so that you can move forward with some financial certainty 


Divorce Coaching

Personalised service to help you navigate the legal and emotional aspects of your separation and help you come up with a plan to rebuild and move forward

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45 Ventnor Ave, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

(08) 9389 4475

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