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Family Law Mediation

Family law mediation or family dispute resolution is a specialised form of mediation designed for couples who are separating to discuss the parenting arrangements for children and/or finalising a property settlement.

As a qualified lawyer who specialised in family law, I can assist you with all aspects of your matter, including writing a parenting plan or preparing an agreement to be turned into consent orders. I have been working with clients for 15 years helping them resolve their disputes and finding a resolution so they can avoid spending years fighting in the family court.

Family Dispute Resolution

Family law mediation that involves the parties meeting together (or in some cases in separate rooms) to discuss the issues in dispute and explore options for resolution.

Parties can engage in Family Dispute Resolution to discuss parenting arrangements and finalise a property settlement. It can also include extended family members like grandparents where desired.

Team Meeting
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Child Inclusive Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation involves the parties engaging a third party specialised child psychologist to act as a child advocate and participate in the mediation. The child advocate will meet with the children in the matter and report on their wishes and provide insight into their perspective on the separation and the relationship with their parents. This insight can help inform and guide parents about coming up with an agreement that focuses on the children's best interest.

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