We specialise in family law matter

We have 10 years experience working with family law matters. Our mediator is a former family lawyer, is accredited to the national standards and is a registered family dispute resolution practitioner with the Attorney General's office.

We focus on providing our clients with a full service experience. We will guide you through your matter, prepare agreements and help you have those formalised if necessary. We can issue s60i certificates and provide referrals for legal and other services as needed.

We offer reasonable, fixed fee pricing so you know from the beginning how much the process will cost. We do not charge extra for phone calls, emails, referrals or agreements. Everything is included in the price.

We aim to offer flexible services. Our offices are located centrally in West Perth, but we can arrange for a mediation at a different location, or even using Zoom. We try to fit our services around your needs.

We do not have any waiting lists and can usually book in new appointments within a week. This can help avoid the added stress caused by lengthy delays.

When you begin a family, the children become the most important people in it. Sometimes, however, families choose to separate, which can cause heartache and confusion for all parties involved. At Family Dispute Resolution WA, we provide helpful family mediation to people who are looking to resolve disputes after a separation or divorce. Our office is conveniently located in West Perth, WA, and our services have been beneficial to all our clients. Let us help you make sense out of the confusion.

If you separate from your partner, it’s important to determine the parenting arrangements for the children. You may even have property that needs to be divided fairly. Here at Family Dispute Resolution WA, our family law mediation offers just that. We are an alternative to expensive lawyers. Instead of going before a judge who will make arrangements for you, we help you settle everything through mediation. This process is much quicker and less difficult than dealing with the Family Court.

Many people choose family mediation from us because it’s more affordable. At Family Dispute Resolution WA, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay from the start. We work on a fixed fee plan. If needed, we can even refer you to other legal services. We have been working in family law for a decade, and we have developed a reputation for our successful mediation services.

If you are going through a divorce and need help resolving your disputes, then we would love to hear from you at Family Dispute Resolution WA. Our office is conveniently located in West Perth, WA, but many of our clients travel to us from the surrounding areas. We also meet with clients online or over the phone for clients located in regional Western Australia. With our services, it will be much easier to get through this tough time. Call us to schedule your mediation services with us.