FamilyProperty - The New Technology for Property Disputes

I am very impressed with the recently released FamilyProperty; so impressed, in fact, that I am now using it in my practice.

FamilyProperty has been designed specifically to assist with property settlement in family law matters. It is intuitive, interactive and easy to use. It is a game-changer for mediations.

Using FamilyProperty allows me to focus more on the clients and the issues in dispute, and less on calculations and spreadsheets. The program automatically creates a working balance sheet for each party from the information provided by the clients. The balance sheets are then used to model out different scenarios for settlement, with FamilyProperty auto-calculating the net asset pool, and each party's share in both dollar terms and percentage split.

Each party's working balance sheet is then incorporated into a neutral balance sheet which automatically highlights which issues are agreed (in green) and which issues are not agreed (in red). The parties are then able to see in a very easy to understand way, how far apart they are.

FamilyProperty can also auto-generate documents from the balance sheets, including each party's proposal in either a word document or excel spreadsheet. It can also generate a Form 11 with the information already automatically filled in.

FamilyProperty also allows party's to upload relevant disclosure documents and even gives suggestions for documents to upload. The disclosure documents are attached to each relevant asset or liability, are searchable and downloadable.

Since using FamilyProperty, I find that property mediations run more smoothly and more efficiently. There are no manual calculations to do, and it is very easy and fast to model out different proposals, including proposals based on a specified percentage split. FamilyProperty can even automatically calculate a cash payout from one party to the other.

As a mediator, I can also grant access to each party's lawyers if they are legally represented. This means lawyers can easily pick up where we left off in mediation. They can also see all of the attached disclosure so that they do not need to request information from the other side that has already been provided.

FamilyProperty is an amazing tool for family law matters involving property and the division of assets.

You can find out more about FamilyProperty here

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